Thursday, September 14, 2006

Fall is in the Air

I have a habit of writing posts and not posting them. I wrote the post below on Thursday night.

I have not been posting as often as I would like to, but I'm trying to have at least one post a week. I have to be on a flight to Charlotte NC at 6 am tomorrow, and as I have slept through the alarm three out of four mornings this week I decided to stay up all night, so I have a couple more hour to pass. It is now almost 3 am, which is usually when I start drifting into sleep . I have been meaning to blog about the fall TV schedule for a while so here goes, hopefully this will keep me awake.
Its time for a new TV season. I have set a goal of limiting my self to 21 hours of TV a week, which for is going to be difficult for me. I am some what obsessed with TV, I have 2 TV sets each has a TIVO and my PC also has a TV receiver and DVR. I would estimate that currently I watch over 30 hour of TV a week. I have managed to cut down the essential shows to 16 in prime time plus 4 hours for the Daily Show and Colbert Report, which leaves me another hour. I have marked the essential shows in yellow and blue.

Most shows don't start until the end of the month, but a few have and some premiered on the web.

House - I l have loved Hugh Laurie for years (back from his days on Jeeves & Wooster and Blackadder), but so far the new season is disappointing. I didn't like the story line of trying to teach House a lesson. Hopefully it will get better.

Bones - Hate the new boss, hate that they get DC so wrong.

Studio 60 - Saw the premier on the web (I would post the link, but I can't find it again). It was a little disappointing. It was not as fast pace as I expected form Arron Sorkin, but Matthew Perry and Bradley Witford have good chemistry so I hope it will get better.

That was all I got to when the phone rang at 3:40 am. It was my co-worker telling me the fight was canceled, and that we are on the 7 am fight. At about 4:30 am I fell asleep. I woke up at 6:10 am and ran out the door. Luckily I live 10 minutes form the airport and made it in time to the fight.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Project Runway Take 2

The last of the crazies is gone. I'm very impressed with the judging this season. I have not always agreed with the top pick, but they seem to get the bottom pick right most of the time.

In other news, I am not posting as much as I would like. In fact I'm not doing most of the things I need to do like clean the house, do the laundry, read about a 100 contract I brought home from work. I do manage to do the things I want and should not be doing like buying a flat screen TV.

On Sunday after I saw the National beat the diamond Backs for the second time in as many days Dara and I went to Best Buy and I picked up a 32" Flat screen LCD TV. Buying an appliance at Best Buy is like buying a car, even if you know what you want it will still take 2-3 hours. First we went to the Best Buy in Potomac Yards, but they did not have the TV or the Camera I wanted, so we went to the Pentagon Row store, and after about 2 hours we walked out of the store with the TV.

I spent most of Monday setting up the TV, and making a couple more runs to Best Buy to get various cables. I nice bonus of the TV is that I get random PPV channels on the HDTV receiver. The channels keep changing and I don't know when the movies start , but from time to time I manage to catch a movie or show when it begins.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

There is Justice in the World

Ok so maybe not, but at least there is Justice on Project runway. Angela is finally gone. I actually felt sorry for her it was kind of cruel to take her all the way to Paris and send her right back home. My guess for the final three are: Michael, Jeffrey and Uli. My favorite is Laura, but I think the judges might get bored with her at some point.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Anther Week is Gone

I'm back. First I want to thank Justin for posting a comment. I was away visiting family in NYC and than in training in Westchester NY for the past week. It really isn't an excuse for not posing as I had internet access the whole time, but I don't have a better one. I am still struggling with follow through on things, I have a very nasty habit of starting and forgetting about them soon after.

I finally managed to complete my development plan at work today a full half day before it was due . Theoretically I think setting goals and measuring against them is great I just hate actually having to do it. I never know what to write. I thought I will use this blog to complete a personal development plan and due a self assessment in six month (it will probably be the next post) maybe it will help keep me on track.

I also go to spend some time with Family last week-end before the training. My cousin form Israel is here with her 7 month old daughter. Visiting her sister in Long Island for two weeks. I saw the Baby when she was a month old during my trip to Israel. I'm not a baby person and have not spend much time around babies since my brother and sister who are now 20 and 22 were babies. It was amazing how much she grew and changed in 6 months. I thing she is adorable but you can judge for your self (see picture). My other cousin (the one that live in LI) has two kids as well a boy age 7 and a girl age 3 (the other kids in the picture).

I had an exciting week* spending eight hours a day in technical accounting seminars in upstate NY. The technical accounting part was not that great (although some of it was useful), I got to meet some really cool people from all over the world**. The first night we had open bar at dinner, and as is often the case when I am offered free alcohol I tend to over indulge. At dinner we were only offered beer and wine, but for some we ended up at the hotel bar doing shots. I have only a vague recollection of how I got back to my room that night, all I can say is that I didn't find the room by my self. Luckily I don't really work with any one that was present as I'm in a specialized practice group in the firm. I'm not sure why I can't seem to remember that getting hammered at firm sponsored events is not a good idea, unfortunately it has happened more than once in the past.

As it is late I will try to go to sleep now. I promise to blog more tomorrow.

*Actually it was only three days (Tue-Thr) I took Monday off to be with the family.
**The training was for the Metro NY area, and they have a very diverse group of people working there.

Monday, August 14, 2006

The cat's out of the bag

I was at dinner with some friends on Friday night and the subject of bloging came-up. It was suggested that if I should ever have my own blog I should call it Blogah. It's an inside joke that I didn't think even the insiders would understand, but I didn't have a more original name so for now I'll go with it.

A few people found out about this blog, mainly through Dara who has a very popular blog. I will make more of an effort to post interesting things on this blog, but it might take a week or two. Currently I'm trying to catch up on a ton of things I have to do.

I guess this is all for tonight as it is already tomorrow.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Day Two

I wrote running commentary on So You Think You Can Dance while I was watching it last night, but I decided not to post is as it was just too boring. The Show was OK, I did not watch it religiously. All I have to say about the show is that I like Benji and I hope he wins, and I hate Mary Murphy. I got off work early today and I managed to go to the Gym and cancel my membership, but I did not get my development plan complete nor did I call the new Gym to activate the membership. I guess that means I only got 25% of my goals for the day. Hope I do better tomorrow.
Last night on 30 Days an atheist was sent to live with an evangelical Christian family for 30 days. It was a very interesting topic. If you don't believe in anything specific and that is no one right religion how do you argue with some one that believes very strongly that there is only one way and its their highest calling to make sure every one else see things their way? According to the statistics quoted in the show atheist are the least trusted group in the US.
I'm Jewish, but I did not have a religious upbringing and I guess I could be classified as an atheist, as although I celebrate the Jewish holidays I don't believe in God at least not the conventional religious notion of God. I generally try to avoid talking religion as I don't feel that I can easily justify my believe system to other as I don't have a clear understanding myself. A while ago I made the mistake of telling a coworker that I thought the bible was written by man with a certain agenda, and that I did not believe in God. I assumed that the co-worker was Hindu turns out that he was born again Christian, now periodically he tries to get me to accept Jesus Christ as my lord and savior.

Goals for tomorrow:
1. Complete yesterday's goals
2. Do at least 2 loads of laundry.

Till tomorrow

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

There is a First Time for Every Thing

I'm not sure why I decided to start my own blog, I really have nothing to say. For now I'm not going to tell any one about this blog, as I want to see if I can actually follow through with something for once. Part of my reason for bloging is to improve my writing skills. I haven't really written anything since college, five years ago, and my current job requires quite a bit of writing. Another big reason is that I have trouble sharing my feeling with the people closest to me. I'm not sure that I will be able to put my guard down and share them here but I will try. Most my friends are very into blogging and I will probably steal from their blogs from time to time. In the near future I will post links to their blogs and to our communal blog as well. I'm really into TV so a lot of the postings are probably going to be about TV shows I watch. To give you an idea as to how bad my TV habit is I have a two bedroom condo and four TVs and three DVRs, (one of the TVs belongs to my roommate). On average I work about 50-60 hours a week and still manage to watch 4 hours of TV during the week and 6 hours a day on the week-end.

I just ran the spell check for the first time (my spelling sucks) and ironically the spell checker does not recognize the word "blog".

TV show recommendation - Eureka (Tue. 9pm on SciFi) - This is the first show I have watched on SciFi so far it is really good check it out.

Goals for tomorrow:
Work - Get my annual development plan complete.
Personal - cancel Gym membership in old Gym, activate the new membership.

This is it for tonight. I'm not proud of it, but I'm going to watch So You Think You Can Dance. May be in a future blog I will tell you why I watch it (probably tomorrow when they announce the winner) Hopefully I will be back tomorrow.

Peace Love and Diet Coke